Project Scope:
Brand Alignment:
Integrated NFU's visual identity, including logo, colour scheme, and typography, into the application.
Ensured consistency with NFU’s brand guidelines across all user touchpoints.

User Experience Enhancement:
Redesigned the user interface to improve navigation, accessibility, and overall usability.
Created intuitive layouts and interactions to facilitate easy access to learning resources.

Functionality Improvements:
Implemented features tailored to NFU’s specific requirements, such as custom course categories and member-exclusive content.
Enhanced the performance and responsiveness of the application to ensure a smooth user experience on all devices.

Design Process:
Utilized Figma to create high-fidelity prototypes and design assets.
Ensured that the designs were comprehensive and ready for handoff to the development team.

Testing and Feedback:
Conducted usability testing sessions with NFU members to gather feedback and iteratively refine the design.
Worked closely with the development team to ensure the design was accurately implemented and met the project’s goals.
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