Longevity and Biomarker Tracking Application
Project Overview
Vitaliti is a cutting-edge health technology company based in the United States that collaborates with doctors to monitor and analyze biomarkers, providing users with insightful data on their longevity and overall well-being. The Vitaliti project was an exciting venture that involved creating a comprehensive branding strategy and developing an innovative application designed to empower users with personalized health insights. My role in this project encompassed the entire design process, from the initial concept to delivering high-fidelity prototypes ready for development.

Branding and Design Process
The project began with the creation of a strong, recognizable brand identity for Vitaliti. The visual identity was crafted to reflect Vitaliti’s commitment to health, longevity, and cutting-edge technology. This included designing UX guidelines and the UI library that would be consistently applied across all materials.
Information Architecture and Wireframes
With the branding in place, I moved on to designing the application's structure. Information architecture was a critical phase where I organized and structured the content to ensure an intuitive user experience. This involved creating user flows, site maps, and defining key functionalities and features that would be included in the application.
Once the information architecture was solidified, I created detailed wireframes using Figma. These wireframes served as blueprints for the application, outlining the layout of each screen and the placement of elements such as navigation menus, buttons, forms, and data visualizations. The wireframes were iteratively refined based on feedback from stakeholders and usability testing sessions, ensuring that the design was user-friendly and met the needs of both doctors and patients.
High-Fidelity Prototypes and Collaboration with Developers
After finalizing the wireframes, I transitioned to designing high-fidelity prototypes. Using Figma, I developed detailed, interactive prototypes that closely resembled the final product. These prototypes included all visual elements, transitions, and animations, providing a clear and comprehensive vision of the user experience
Throughout the design process, I maintained close communication with the development team to ensure that the prototypes were technically feasible and aligned with the project’s goals. I provided detailed design specifications and assets, facilitating a smooth transition from design to development. Regular check-ins and collaborative reviews helped address any challenges promptly, ensuring that the final product was delivered on time and met the highest quality standards.
The Vitaliti project was a comprehensive and rewarding experience that showcased my ability to manage the entire design process, from concept to functional prototypes. By creating a cohesive brand identity and a user-centric application design, I helped Vitaliti deliver a powerful tool that enhances users' understanding of their health and supports their journey towards longevity. This project highlights my skills in branding, information architecture, wireframing, and high-fidelity prototyping, demonstrating my capability to bring innovative health technology solutions to life.
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