Hi, I am Mátyás.
Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, I developed a passion for fixing things and creating new "products" from old ones. Inspired by my Mechanical Engineer grandfather, I observed his designs and learned how things work. During university, I discovered my love for product and graphic design, combining physical and digital projects for diverse and enjoyable work.
Studying product design at The Hague University, I built my network and learned graphic design alongside my coursework. Working on logos, branding, and hypothetical projects at night, I gained practical experience while grasping the basics of quality design during the day.
My first "real" job was interning at a small design agency in Amsterdam. There, I learned to work under pressure while delivering quality work. As part of a collective marketing team, we collaborated with small brands in various industries, creating eLearning applications and marketing collateral.
After three years, I became a freelancer, focusing on branding, marketing collateral, websites, and applications. I excel in capturing clients' visions and translating them into cohesive messages.
Henry Ford's quote, "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses," resonates with me. As your creative partner, I'll help you uncover what you truly need while delivering what you want.
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