Hi, I am Mátyás.

I was born in Budapest, Hungary, and grew up there for most of my life. My favorite way of spending time was trying to fix things and create new "products" from old ones. I would watch my Mechanical Engineer grandpa design and try to understand how things work. Preferably I would never throw out anything rather try to fix them or keep them for later. It wasn’t until university that I finally got into product and graphic design. Making wooden products, creating websites, screens, logos, posters, you name it. I loved the combination of working on both physical and digital projects. It keeps the work diverse and fun.
I moved on to study product design at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and began to grow my network. Working on my projects at university but learning Graphic Design alongside. Doing logos and branding work for friends, competitions, and hypothetical clients. Learning about design at university during the day and working on designs at night. Not only was I learning the basics of quality design during my classes, but also the fundamentals of how to work in a team and with a client.
My first "real" job was interning at a tiny design agency in Amsterdam called iGina. It’s there I learned how to work under pressure and also create work with quality. After a few months, the company has joined a "collective" of 5 companies in which we had become the marketing team for all companies. We worked with small brands and varying industries. I helped to create new parts of their eLearning courses and with a lot of websites and applications but also was able to work on projects for print and marketing collateral. I taught myself Figma and Adobe XD and would create all-new websites and UX/UI projects with them.
After 3 years of that, I moved on and became a freelancer. I worked on branding, marketing collateral, presentation decks, websites, and applications. When working with clients, I support them to capture the message that they want to share; no more confusion or blurred lines.
I often say that we might know what we like and want, but often we don't know what we need. My favorite quote is from Henry Ford that says: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” 
Tell me what you want and I will happily help you find out what you need.
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