Hi, I am Mátyás.
I am a designer originally from Budapest, Hungary, driven by a passion for fixing things and creating innovative products. Inspired by my Mechanical Engineer grandfather, I developed a deep understanding of design and mechanics from an early age. My love for product and graphic design flourished during my university studies at The Hague University, where I balanced my coursework with practical design projects, building a solid foundation in both fields.
My career began with an internship at a design agency in Amsterdam, where I learned to deliver quality work under pressure. Collaborating with small brands in diverse industries, I contributed to the development of eLearning applications and marketing collateral. This experience paved the way for my transition to freelancing, where I now focus on branding, marketing collateral, websites, and applications.
With a keen eye for capturing clients' visions and translating them into cohesive messages, I am dedicated to delivering innovative design solutions. Embracing Henry Ford's philosophy, I strive to help clients uncover their true needs while providing exceptional results. Let’s work together to create designs that inspire and transform.
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